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The Secrets of Cabales Serrada Escrima (Secrets of Series)

The Secret of Cabales Serrada Escrima (Secrets of Series)
Author: Mark V. Wiley

Escrima is a highly effective self-defense technique and one of the three major Filipino martial arts. It prepares the warrior for both armed and unarmed combat. Secrets of Cabales Serrada Escrima is a revised, expanded, and updated version of Filipino Martial Arts: Cabales Serrada Escrima, which has sold over 15,000 copies since originally published in 1994. Writing with the encouragement and assistance of one of the legends of the art, Grandmaster Angel Cabales, author Mark Wiley revisits the homeland of Escrima and adds a fresh perspective to the form and techniques of Escrima. Read More...

Balisong - The Lethal Art of Filipino Knife Fighting

Balisong - The Lethal Art of Filipino Knife Fighting
Author: Sid Campbell, Gary Cagaanan, Sonny Umpad

Follow the path of the Filipino knife fighter and the blinding blur of the deadly balisong in motion--its whirlwind lethality--can be yours. Three experts, having combined their knowledge of the balisong, martial arts and self-defense, show you the basics of techniques perfected in the Philippines over the course of 400: concealing, drawing, flipping and gripping the balisong; checking and rolling; and the four main phases of training. Read More...

Sinawali by Reynaldo S. Galang

Author: Reynaldo S. Galang

Sinawali-meaning "woven"- is an intricate and devastating Filipino fighting system with ancient roots, perfectly suited to modern times, and its popularity is booming around the world. This fascinating stick and blade empty-hand defense employs a sinuous, polyrhythmic interweaving of leg and arm defenses and attacks, presenting a virtually impenetrable shield against potential attackers. Martial arts instructor Reynaldo S. Galang reveals the special hand techniques, the exact, quick footwork, and the working theory behind the art of Sinawali, through instructional text and clear photographs. Whether readers are interested in Sinawali for exercise, hobby, or as a means of self-defense, Complete Sinawali is their definitive guide. Read More...

Even If It Takes A Life Time

Even If It Takes A Lifetime by Bro. Nicanor P. Tiosen

Within the Philippines Price - PHP 350.00 Free Shipping
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About the Author:

Nicanor P. Tiosen was born on January 10, 1953 at La Paz, Leyte. He is the third of nine children born to Nemesio, Sr. And Corazon. In 1974, he finished a four-year course in Arts and Sciences leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science from the Divine Word University of Tacloban City. He graduated Magna cum laude. In 1985, he graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Evangelical Ministry from New Era College (now New Era University). He also finished his Master of Arts in College Teaching from said institution in 1993 and is at present enrolled in a doctoral program at the University of the Philippines.

The author is an Iglesia Ni Cristo Minister of the Gospoel and Vice-President for Academic Affairs at New Era Univeristy. He is married to the former Luviminda M. Salanga and their union is blessed with three daughters, Feamor Vyn, Feliz Gemmavyn ,and Fiel Ervyn.

Although an amateur in poem writing, Nick, nonetheless, has already won recognition. His "Even It Takes a Lifetime" earned him the 1997 Editor's Choice Award in the North American Open Poetry Contest sponsored by The National Library of Poetry based in Owing Mills, Maryland, USA. Another poem, "Wherever The Road Takes You," is a finalist in the same contest. Also, his "Till Man Breathes His Last" was a finalist at the 1997 Sparrowgrass Poetry Competition. All three poems are included in poetry anthologies. The first is in the anthology, "The Glow Within," the second in "Beyond The Horizon," and the third in "Rhymes of Greatness" published by the Famous Poets Society in Hollywood, California. A fourth poem, "Hold Back The Dawn," is included in the anthology "Best Poems of 1998," again published by the National Library of Poetry. Only the first three poems are included in this volume, though.

As an Iglesia Ni Cristo Minister of the Gospel, Nick believes that everything is willed by the Almighty Father Who works in His own mysterious ways. Loved ones may inspire an individual to create great masterpieces or works of art, but the ultimate inspiration comes from Him. Nick is also aware that success does not grow overnight, hence, he is willing to wait, even if it takes a lifetime.

(send email to webspy85@yahoo.com to order or call 0918-212-9963)

Page 55

If it takes a lifetime
to realize a dream
never would I give up
though it may cause some pain.

If it takes a lifetime
to reach the goal
I will keep on going to the end -
rising up, evey time I fall

If it takes a life time
to find lasting happiness
then would I not be surprised at all
should a beautiful day be shrouded in mist

If it takes a lifetime
gladly would I wait
for a wonderful promise
of a love that's so great

Sweet success does not come overnight, I know.
But I'll watch each spring from the ground and grow.
I'll patiently hope for its fruit midst dirt and grime,
even if it takes alifetime.

(1997 Editor's Choice Award
The National Library of Poetry
Owing Mills, Maryland
Included in the anthology "The Glow Within")

(send email to webspy85@yahoo.com to order or call 0918-212-9963)


Her Wild American Self

Review by Publishers Weekly:

Despite some pointed descriptions, most of Galang's debut short-story collection is marred by flat endings and characters almost entirely lacking in self-knowledge. This is particularly unfortunate in stories about self-discovery, such as "Rose Colored," in which the well-balanced Rose compares her life to her go-go dancing cousin; the title story, about the adolescent Augustina and her budding sexual relationship with her cousin; and "Figures," in which Ana, who paints voluptuous nudes, marries a man whose stability is at first appealing but who becomes vaguely grating. The most provocative work here is "Filming Sausage," a diary-like account of escalating sexual harassment on the set of a breakfast-meat commercial, but it too ends with a whimper as the victim switches from a moment-by-moment second-person account to a sort of summing up in the final paragraphs. Marking the beginning, middle and end are three short pieces, which are more political commentary on the position of Asian and Asian-American women than stories. Like in the head-on rant on stereotypes in "The Look-Alike Women" ("Because you are all exotic. Sensual and mysterious as red silk kimonos. Passionate like volcanoes, Mount Fuji and Pinatubo. Sexy like the girls who danced in clubs along Oolangapo. Fierce like Miss Saigon"), they are direct and forcefully worded giving some taste of what Galang might yet achieve in her longer stories.

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