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Holy Bible: New Living Translation, Burgundy Leather Flex

Product Description:

Looking for a gift presentation Bible? The Gift and Award Bible is perfect for church presentation and award programs. A great-value gift Bible that includes Life Application notes and other helpful features:

New Living Translation Text 52 in-text Life Application notes with memory verses Dictionary/concordance Words of Christ in red letter Presentation page Plan of salvation Durable binding.

Review by a Reviewer:
Reviewer: Allen Smalling "Constant Reader," (Chicago, IL United States)
Dollar for Dollar, the New Living Translation (NLT) is probably the best and most intriguing type of Bible I've ever bought. I don't pretend it's my favorite Bible of all--because it isn't really a Bible, it's a paraphrase of the Bible as opposed to a true translation. But I really like it.

Of course, any translation of the Bible is going to be some sort of paraphrase, because different languages use different idioms that have to be rendered into English using different words. There are "strictly literal" bibles like the NASB that go for a word-for-word approach; most bibles are "literal" bibles like the New Revised Standard and New International, the latter in particular taking the "freedom to be idiomatic." ...

The physical presentation of this modestly-priced version is worth remarking on. For fake leather, it looks reasonably genuine, and there are other colors available besides the best-selling black. The type is quite small, but uses a blocky sort of Roman setting that makes reading as easy as possible, even the red letters. The pages are ordinary paper, not "onion-skin." About my only gripe is that the text is too close to the inner margin, but this tome (made in Mainland China) is well-stitched, not the sort of bindery to fall apart quickly upon heavy use.

For very little money I advise the avid Bible reader--or the Bible reader who finds passages in his/her favorite Bible a little hard to fathom (and who among us has not?)--or the just-plain curious to invest in this handsome, intelligent little paraphrase. If your experience is like mine, you'll be surprised at how likeable it is.

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